Best Drink for A Holiday Party

Let me tip my Santa hat to The Ainsworth in NYC for serving up what I believe to be the best Holiday cocktail for the season. They also so graciously supplied me with the recipe so we can all make our co-workers a little more tipsy Merry this Holiday season!

The Harvest

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 6.28.03 PM

Glassware: Rock Glass

Ice: Fill 3/4 to the rim with ice

Ingredients: Ketel One, Apple Cider, Bitters, Lime Juice, Cinnamon Syrup & Ginger Beer

Garnish: Crystallized Ginger


1.5 ketel citrus

0.75 apple cider

1.5 lime juice

1.75 cinnamon syrup

a dash of bitters

topped with ginger beer


10 Holiday Gifts for Your Social Media Muse

1. @Custom #Jewelry


Thanks to the minds over at Survival of the Hippest giving a custom gift for any twitter obsessed man or woman on your list is easy. If I were a guy buying for my girl I would aim more towards the #Love bracelet and stay away from the #fail necklace. Just a hint for you funny, funny dudes out there.

2. Google Chromebook


Not all social media lovers are techies and this is something very important to remember when shopping for those who just want to stay connected without the hassle of today’s gadgets. The new Google Chromebook starts at $199 and is made for everyone. It is simple, smart, durable and incredibly user friendly. Whether you have an adventurer that just needs a laptop to search and discover new trails, a grandmother that wants to see pictures of her new grandchildren or a college kid that loves making movies and music, this is the computer to buy.

3. YouTube socks


Your stocking stuffer search (pun) is over! Nothing says social media geek like the witty play on tradition tube socks. These are too great. There is not much more to say here.

4. iPhone Case


There are millions of iPhone cases out there but it’s vital for the social media muse to make a statement. Again… a witty one. Show them you think they are the sh*t and give them a “Like a Boss” iPhone case for the holidays.

5. Typewriter for iPad


This may just be the most creative gift thus far. I can’t even start to explain how amazing this USB connectable typewriter for iPad is. We all have that old school person on our list… you know the one that insists they like to read an actual book and not a nook. The one that never has their cell phone on them because they “want to feel connected to the real world”. Well, here is the perfect gift for them. Give them a trip down memory lane of walking to school up hill both ways and writing on a typewriter where a “delete” button was a white-out sheet that had to be carefully placed in the right space. They won’t even know they are typing on an iPad.

6. Friendcup


Show that social media geek that their personal branding and hard work at being obsessed with Facebook has paid off and give them a friendcup. Nothing says Happy Holidays like all your “friend’s” faces on a mug. It is sure to start anyone’s day off on the right foot.

Speaking of foot…

7. Social Kicks


Thanks to some genius artist your social media queen or king can rock out without their crocks out. Give your friend a boost in the fashion department that is sure to cause a stir out on the streets. These custom painted social kicks are inspired by a variety of social platforms, super heroes and television shows.

8. Pillow Talk


Nothing says “I think your obsessed” like a slew of social media inspired pillows to rest one’s head on. The creative seamstress makes twitter pillows, GMail pillows, RSS feed pillows and more. Whatever your special someone’s obsession is… they have an (app) pillow for that!

9. “Like” Bra


The Victoria’s Secret Angels must have forgot to throw this on during last week’s fashion show. I’m not sure what would make my Christmas more special than unwrapping a gift from a special someone and finding a Facebook inspired bra. Just think of how B.A. you would feel being at work and knowing what you have under that business suit. It will channel a whole new level of confidence. Just don’t wear it under a white shirt with any chance of rain. #Awkward.

10. Fast Company Subscription


I am going to be serious on this last one. Fast Company is by far my favorite social media magazine. I read about two hours worth of blogs a day and could probably get all the information I need from those but I just can’t seem to abandon Fast Company. For those on your list that want to have a career in social media, build their brand through digital marketing or just want to find out what is cutting edge THIS is the gift that keeps on giving.