My 2015 of “NEW”

We celebrate, we toast, we wish and we hope for new beginnings with the welcoming of a new year. It’s the magic of that belief in a better self and a better experience on this Earth that is the true magic of “new” for me. In no other time in the year do people believe whole heartily that they have the internal power to better their situation, find new inner love, make financial gains and remove what may be the cinderblocks bringing them down.

In 2015 I am looking at five key words to help me be a better me not only for my self but for those around me. My keywords are; charity, fitness, positivity, love and balance!

Though this change will not occur over night and I may falter along the way the reminder that I wanted to make these changes on this day will keep me motivated. For all of you looking for those resolutions, goals, wishes or miracles I encourage you to find keywords and write them down. Write them down everywhere.

Charity: I found myself “bored” in 2014 on occasion. Sitting at home and wondering how to keep myself busy. In 2015 I want to fill some of that vacant time with charitable contributions. Not just financial but time and communication. The Kind Campaign is going to be a big part of my 2015.

Fitness: This seems to be one that I share with 7 billion people and for good reason. We are part of a world that gives us a vast amount of BIG data. We have information at our fingertips to help us live better, longer and more positive lives and I am guilty of not using this knowledge to my advantage. I see it as taking an open book test and not bringing your book. We need to make smarter choices to strengthen our hearts, widen our smiles and hopefully widdle our middle!

Positivity: In 2015 I want to be my own light. I want to be my own positive energy that not only makes me happier but makes those around me happier. I want to smile 10 times more than I frown and I want to trigger laughter over disappointment. There are just too many negative messages, images and stories that pass by our faces everyday – and unfortunately we can’t control that. But you know what we can control? We can control our decision to wake up happy… everyday.

Love: I want to love so much in 2015 that it hurts (in the best possible way). I owe my family, friends and even strangers more love than I gave in 2014. I truly believe that you receive the love that you give so as I walk through 2015 I hope to receive new love as wide as a valley and as deep as the sea.

Balance: My most difficult goal. I promise myself that in 2015 I will aim to create balance in my life: in all aspects. If the President can take a vacation than so can I and I will write that sentence everywhere to remind myself. I want to balance the time I give to others and the time I give to myself because though selflessness is the sexiest word of 2015 in my mind we all need and deserve some “me” time. I want to balance my food, my drinking and my activities to ensure that I am living the healthiest and most positive life.

Wishing everyone the most incredible start to 2015! Please be kind, happy and remember to give back!

Shine on,



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